Effective & Sustainable

helix twisted metal
Helix Micro Rebar is twisted steel micro rebar (TSMR) for structural concrete reinforcement and temperature and plastic shrinkage control.
Suicide prevention safety smock
Durable, high-quality blankets
The Strongest Mattress in the World
Durable sleeping bag with and without pillow
Adjustable 2-piece wrap, for hot weather male modesty.
Safe and warm foot coverings
reverse-it spray bottles
Reverse-It is a non-toxic odor neutralizer spray.
ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) blocks that are a cost-effective method of constructing interior and exterior walls as well as curved retaining walls.
graffiti proofer bucket
Graffiti Proofer is a patented anti-stick clear coating that prevents paint and markers from bonding to surfaces.
liquid hammer bottle
Liquid Hammer is the best non-corrosive cleaning compound designed specifically to remove concrete build-up from hauling, handling and finishing.
crystal lok
Crystal LokĀ® is a water based concrete penetrating sealer, formulated to waterproof, damp proof, seal concrete.
5 gallon pale of enerflect
EnerFlect thermal coating is a latex-based, reflective coating that seals and insulates roofs.
anti-skid membrane bucket
Our Anti-Skid Membrane is a paintable material that covers surfaces to cover areas with a substance that grips shoes and feet better.